Finding your first apartment to live in is an exciting process to go through. While you may know certain features and qualities that you want from where you live, you may also want to do your best to find an apartment in which you are able to keep total expenses down. This makes it worth paying attention to the details that can impact your ability to enjoy low-cost apartment living.

Square Footage

While checking out apartments, you will notice that square footage is a major factor in determining the rental rate. A huge apartment with multiple bedrooms will come with higher rent than a small studio or one-bedroom unit. When picking your first apartment, you may want to prioritize a smaller apartment, as this is a surefire way to minimize your total living expenses.

To figure out what kind of square footage you are comfortable with living in, you should check out some apartments in-person early on as this will give you the information that you seek.


If you look at enough apartments, you will find some places with few amenities and others with a wide array of amenities for their residents to enjoy. For the most part, you should expect the apartments with a lot of amenities to cost more to live in compared to basic apartments.

When you do not mind having amenities in general, you should not hesitate to look for apartment buildings that may only offer shared laundry facilities to their residents. If you are determined to have some amenities, you should only prioritize a couple to help with maintaining low costs.


A smart thing to analyze while looking through apartments is the kind of costs that you will have on top of the monthly rent. If you want to adopt a cat or dog after moving in, you may know that you are only going to search for apartments that allow pets. But you should pay attention to pet-related expenses such as rent, deposits, or fees that you may need to pay when you bring one home.

Some apartments will cover certain bills such as water, trash, gas, electricity, cable, and Internet, so you will find it useful to figure out what expenses you will be responsible for paying. A place that offers complimentary Internet means that you do not have to worry about an Internet bill.

Looking for an apartment for rent with these things in mind will help you enjoy low-cost apartment living.