Some people hear the term "one-bedroom apartment" and are immediately turned off. They envision a cramped, tiny space where they will have trouble relaxing or engaging in their favorite activities. But here's the thing: this characterization is not really fair. There are plenty of one-bedroom apartments that are suitably spacious and comfortable. You just have to look for the right amenities during your apartment hunt.

Plenty of closet space.

A one-bedroom apartment will feel small if you don't have good place to store your items and they end up all over the floor. Look instead for an apartment with plenty of closet space. This enables you to put all of your items away in hidden spaces, leaving more empty room to stretch out on your bedroom floor and elsewhere in the apartment. Some apartment communities have on-site storage units. These can also allow you to free up some space.

An extra half-bath.

One problem with one-bedroom apartments is that there is sometimes no bathroom for guests, so they end up using your own personal bathroom, which can feel a little invasive of your privacy. You can, however, find one-bedroom apartments with 1.5 bathrooms. The primary full bathroom may be located off the bedroom for your personal use, and there will be a second, half bath with a toilet and sink off the hallway or living room for guests to use.

An open floor plan.

An open floor plan in which the living room, dining area, and kitchen are all connected makes a one-bedroom apartment seem larger. For example, a 600-square-foot apartment with separate dining room, living room, and kitchen will feel small because each of these rooms are small. The same size apartment without walls between these rooms will feel a lot more open. So even though you only have one bedroom, you can spend time in this open space when you want to socialize and relax.

A patio or porch.

Look for a one-bedroom apartment with a patio, porch, balcony, or comparable outdoor space. Having the option to sit outside and enjoy a meal, read a book, or just gaze at the clouds will make up for having a smaller one-bedroom apartment.

One-bedroom apartments do not have to feel cramped and tiny! If you find an apartment with plenty of storage, an open floor plan, an extra half-bath, and some outdoor space, you will feel like you have more room to spread out. Look for one-bedroom apartments for rent in an area you like.