Having a car-free lifestyle can be a great way to be easier on the environment and save money at the same time. While living without a car can be fairly easy when you live in an apartment in an urban area, it can become more difficult when you decide to purchase a house. If you want to be confident that the home purchase will be a good fit for a car-free lifestyle, the following tips can help ensure that the home you pick will be a good match.

Look for Easy Access to Public Transit

While public transit likely won't be as widespread in residential areas compared to urban centers, this doesn't mean that there won't be any access. Taking a look at the bus routes and other public transportation options near the homes you're interested in can help you find a good match. The quality of the bus stops is also something to consider since the stops can differ quite a bit, along with where the route will take you.

Prioritize Safe and Convenient Bike Lanes

Riding a bicycle can be one of the best ways to enjoy living without a car due to how affordable they are and the fact that they can keep you in shape at the same time. Not all neighborhoods are a good match for riding a bike, however. Keeping this in mind can help you locate neighborhoods that have convenient bike lanes.

 Along with looking for bike lanes, consider how much of a buffer they have between them and cars so you can determine whether or not they will be a safe choice for you.

Keep Your Daily Commute in Mind

Along with simply having public transit available to you, as well as bike lanes and even walking trails, you need to consider where these routes will take you. One of the benefits of owning a car is that you can get to work and take care of your daily errands without much of a struggle, making it important to find neighborhoods that can still accommodate your regular commute.

Taking a look at where the public transit and bike lanes will take you can help determine if a specific home will be a good match for when you don't want to be spending more time than necessary riding the bus or utilizing other transportation options.

Finding the perfect home when you want to live without a car can take some effort, but the savings can be fantastic. By following the tips above and discussing your needs with a realtor, you should be able to help in your search for real estate.