Putting some solid effort into the look of your home before it hits the market can yield dividends in terms of purchase price and the speed at which your home sells. While you might be spending lots of time painting, cleaning, and even replacing the flooring, you should also think about the furniture. While it's true that you'll typically take the furniture with you when you move, how it looks can be instrumental in how prospective buyers view your home — both in the images that they see online and when they step into the residence for the first time. Here are some changes that you'll want to make to your furniture.

Update Old Furniture

There's no better time to upgrade your furniture than when you're getting ready to sell your home. If you've had the same furniture set for years, it might not look its best — and this could turn off some prospective buyers, despite the fact that they aren't buying the furniture. Talk to your real estate agent about the current furniture trends, and then consider replacing your old items with things that look newer. Keep in mind that new furniture can still look retro — as long as it suits your home's overall style.

Clean Or Cover Stains

If you've decided to keep your current furniture, you want to ensure that it looks the best. If you're able to clean any visible stains yourself, that's a start. Otherwise, consider hiring a residential cleaning service that specializes in upholstery cleaning. The cleaner will have the right tools and cleaning products to transform the look of your furniture. In the event that some stubborn stains remain, one approach is to cover them. For example, if there's a stain on the arm of a couch, a carefully placed throw blanket that complements the look of the room can be effective.

Rearrange Pieces Accordingly

Sometimes, it's possible to have your furniture set up in a manner that suits you or that is cozy, but that doesn't do any favors to the room in which it's placed. Certain furniture configurations can make rooms look smaller than they actually are, which could cause prospective buyers to feel cramped when they visit your residence for an open house. Talk to your real estate agent about how you can rearrange your existing or new furniture to make each room feel as open as possible. Sometimes, the approach of less is more can work.