Starting a family is a great life milestone, and you'll likely have some specific real estate needs when you start to look at homes for sale. Here they are, distilled into a short read.

Bedrooms for All Future Family Members

You might not be able to know exactly how many children will be added to the family, but you can at least get a sense of how many kids you are planning to have. And do you plan to have kids of the same gender share a room? This all matters for determining how many bedrooms and bathrooms to search for. It's one of the features of a home that's pretty hard to change afterwards.

A Secure, Large Yard

You might have children that love to spend time outdoors. How will that work out with your current housing setup? Try to find a location that has plenty of space for the kids to roam free; don't forget to consult a fencing specialist on how to keep kids secure and provide privacy for your gatherings. Good landscaping will also matter for keeping the ground even for children to play.  

Safe Features

With young children in the home, you want to definitely ensure that the house is sound enough to keep everyone safe. The big areas to look for are electrical safety and locking security. If there is a fireplace, its condition and safety features will also be important parts of your home inspection.

Plenty of Common Space

You will end up having plenty of people in your home. You still have your own friends, who you can still invite over for dinner or a backyard BBQ. But now, you will have your children's friends and potentially their parents, as well. So, just make sure that you will have enough room at your dining room table or in your living room to host an entire family and the people that matter to all of you.

Room to Grow

You never know what surprises can come at you when you're building a family. You might also look at how well the home would grow if you needed it to. Is there a reasonable space where you could add an extra bedroom, for instance? It also helps to consider meeting all of your home needs for well under your budget, so that you can plan for upgrades that are specific to your new family.  

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