A cul de sac is a small, circular street lined with houses. If you are searching for a home, you are likely to come across some in cul de sacs, especially if you are house hunting primarily in suburban areas where streets with this layout are common. There are both pros and cons to living in a cul de sac. Make sure you consider them carefully before making an offer on one of these homes.

Pro: You'll have neighbors close-by.

When you live in a cul de sac, there are typically several homes in close proximity to your own. If you have kids, they will enjoy having playmates at the homes nearby, and you can also make friends with the neighbors. With so many people nearby, there are not typically a lot of crimes committed because someone is always around to see.

Pro: Traffic will move slowly.

Usually, traffic on a cul de sac will move slowly since the cars will have to go around the curve. The only people who drive down the street are usually those who live there, and their guests. The lack of traffic and its slow pace makes the cul de sac a safe place for kids. They can play hockey or other games in the street more safely than they could on a busier through-street.

Con: You won't have a lot of land.

Homes on long, straight streets in suburban areas sometimes have a lot of land, especially in backyards. However, the homes in cul de sacs tend to be on smaller lots of land. If you want to garden, raise chickens, or partake in other activities that require a lot of land, life in a cul de sac may not be for you.

Con: Parking can be scarce.

If you have a party, you might have trouble finding everyone enough parking space. You'll have the space in your driveway, but space on the street can be limited, especially if the neighbors also have guests over that are parking in the street. If you are the type who frequently hosts parties, or if you own several vehicles, you may prefer to live on a longer, more prominent street.

If your realtor shows you a home in a cul de sac, be sure to think back on these pros and cons. You'll have neighbors close and enjoy the slow traffic but you'll also have to deal with limited land and parking.