Living in an apartment may have been ideal for your living situation, but it can be a little difficult to get involved with the community because you know it is only a temporary place to call home. If you want to feel like a permanent member of a community, buying a home is an excellent solution. Some neighborhoods are more community-oriented than others, so it is best to pick the right qualities in homes.

Neighborhood Watch

When there is an active and organized Neighborhood Watch program within a specific area, you should feel rather confident about looking at homes for sale in the neighborhood. This means that the residents take the safety and security of all residents seriously, and you can become a part of this organization. It should be easy enough to get involved with various tasks such as organizing or patrolling as a resident. If you have children or plan on having them at some point after becoming a homeowner, you will feel great knowing that you are directly contributing to them having a safe and positive childhood.

Public Garden

Another way that a community can get involved and collaborate is through a public garden. While most homeowners will have enough landscape to create their own garden, there is something special about getting together as a community and growing a collective garden. You can even use what you grow to help with organizing neighborhood events throughout the year by producing fruits and vegetables. It is ideal to find a home that is within close walking distance to the garden so that you do not feel inclined to drive as walking will quickly make you familiar with the neighborhood and all your neighbors.


Whether it is a regular park, dog park, or both, you should look for parks in a neighborhood. It is even better if there is a children's playground because you know it will be a place to take your kids. If there is a recreational center, you will have an even better opportunity to get involved with the community. You could become a referee for organized sports leagues that happen through the rec center. Another way to contribute is by becoming a coach or assistant coach for a sport and having your children in the league.

When you make it a top priority to look for neighborhoods with these features, you will have no problem getting involved in the local community as soon as you buy a home and move in.