If you have a lot of land to sell, time could be of the essence.

Twelve tips to sell your land fast are:

  1. Cut the grass. Since you won't be staging the property as you would when selling a house, make sure the property looks kept by mowing and trimming.
  2. Target the right pool of buyers. You must have an idea about what the land might be potentially used for, whether it is a commercial lot or a great spot for a house. Use this information to narrow down the targeted pool with marketing, advertising, and on-site showings.
  3. Get rid of the trash. Visit the site- or hire someone- to remove any trash, debris, or fallen foliage from the property. You don't want the blank-slate image of your land tarnished by a mess.
  4. Plant some flowers. Set-up some container gardens, or toss a few seeds around to sprout a few flowers on your land. This will add some color and appeal to the right buyer.
  5. Offer some sort of financing. If you are in a position to offer some sort of owner-financing, you will attract a wider pool of potential buyers.
  6. Make the most of online marketing. Advertise your land online to attract global buyers and wider interest. While many realtors may utilize these venues, many private sellers may overlook this option.
  7. Make the photos count. Take the absolute best photographs of your property that you can. Hire someone, if photography isn't your strong suit. These photos create the first impression that many buyers will get of your property-- make it count.
  8. Offer to 'walk-the-property'. Use marketing tools to offer to 'walk-the-property' with potential buyers. This personal tour can include all of the highlights of the land, the neighborhood, and the community, that might get overlooked otherwise.
  9. Hit-up the neighbors. Don't miss a chance for a quick sale by ignoring the neighbors; these are often the prime candidates to buy an adjacent lot of land.
  10. Create custom signage. Don't rely on generic 'for sale' signs that you would find at a hardware store; create a custom sign that evokes a mood and a tone.
  11. Hire an experienced professional. If you want to make a quick sale without having to do all of the leg work, hire an experienced and motivated real estate agent who can sell land in your area. After all, this is their area of expertise so they will be able to share insights, relay comps, and access networks of buyers to sell your land quickly.

Use these tips to show your land in the best possible light and sell it fast. Reach out to real estate experts for listing information and questions related to selling your property.