If you have decided to put your home on the market, you may want to do some sprucing up. The big question for homeowners, however, is what projects will yield the greatest return on investment. You can get ahead of the game if you know what your potential buyer is looking for, so read on to learn more about what upgrades are worth it when it comes to attracting buyers.

More Space: If you asked people searching for another home why they are moving, many would tell you that they simply need more space. What worked when they were a couple may be cramped now that they are a family of four, so more room is a big motivation for moving to a larger home. You can supply that space by ensuring that you use every inch of your home in the best manner. If you have an unfinished basement, you may be sitting on a goldmine.

Utilizing that space can almost double your square footage, so finish it and attract those buyers who want a media room, workout space, office, man-cave, kids room, and more. Along those same lines, your buyers are likely looking for more bedrooms, so convert that office or workout room back into a bedroom by placing bedroom furniture there (even if it's borrowed or rented).

Curb Appeal: You can really stretch your home upgrade dollars by making some smart investments in your front yard and the home's front exterior areas. You must make the buyer want to go inside by providing a welcoming and fresh-looking exterior, and many fixes are surprisingly inexpensive to accomplish. If your landscaping could use a professional freshening, it's doubtlessly worth every penny. A coat of paint on your garage door, shutters and trim and the front door are quick, easy and cheap fixes that will go a long way in making a good first impression with buyers.

Don't Forget the Backyard

If you have a nice-sized backyard, be sure to showcase it property for those buyers that have children or that just like to spend a lot of time outdoors. Adding a fence can pay off for those buyers who have pets or small children, and decks, patios or other outdoor living space checks off both the outdoor and space wish list for buyers. Refinish the deck, put some pots of color out there and make sure potential buyers can see the back through the windows.

For more upgrade ideas, talk to your real estate agent.