Buying a home on the water is a dream come true for many Americans. But purchasing a home that fronts a lake, river, or ocean can offer buyers different challenges than the purchase of a more traditional home or property located miles from the nearest body of water. If you are considering the purchase of a luxury waterfront home and would like to make the experience as pleasant as possible, take time to consider the following three things before signing the purchase offer for your dream home.

Will the waterfront property you are considering be the right one for your needs? 

Most buyers who want to purchase a waterfront property are eager to enjoy some type of water sport or activity, such as boating, fishing, or surfing, but not all properties are suitable for the uses buyers want to engage in. Before deciding on a particular waterfront home, take time to make sure that it has the right type of access, beach, and water for your needs.

In addition, make sure that any facilities you will need, such as docks, boat storage, and  piers, are either already in place or able to be easily constructed on the property without running afoul of local, state, or federal regulations for the area. (See an example of one state's regulations here.) 

What type of additional insurance coverage will be needed for the waterfront property you are considering? 

With a location near water, many waterfront homes require additional insurance to protect them from flooding and damage from water-related storms, such as hurricanes and tropical storms. Make sure to find out what types of insurance coverage are required for the home and the costs associated with them. In addition, take time to research any past instances of water damage that may have affected the property to make sure that it was properly repaired or renovated. 

What qualifications and experience does your real estate professional bring to the table that will help you choose the best possible waterfront home? 

Waterfront properties are limited in number and often have unique characteristics that inexperienced agents may not understand. If you are purchasing a waterfront property, having a real estate agent who has years of experience in listing and selling this type of home can help you avoid problems and get the best possible deal. Before buying, take time to interview agents, and choose one who can offer verifiable references to past clients and a wealth of knowledge about the area and its waterfront properties. 

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