Realtors know that a home doesn't have to be on the market or multiple listing services (MLS) for someone to buy it. Experienced realtors can spot homes going on the market soon. Below are some signs a property is about to go on sale.

It's a Former FSBO

Some homeowners bypass realtors and try to sell their homes directly. The majority of those who take that route wish to avoid realtor fees. However, many of them abandon their FSBO (For Sale By Owner) plans after they learn that:

  • They have limited understanding of the real estate market
  • They have inadequate negotiation skills
  • They don't know how to market their homes

Thus, a formerly FSBO property might go on the MLS if it's no longer for sale.

It Undergoes Renovations

Home sellers and realtors know that curb appeal helps sell real estate properties. Many home buyers also don't want to buy houses only to spend fortunes on repairs. Many people renovate their homes just before putting them on the market. Thus, you should suspect that a house might go on the market soon if the owner undertakes renovations, such as:

  • Yardwork
  • Siding paint jobs
  • Roof repairs

Ask the homeowner if their house is for sale if you notice a flurry of renovation activities.

Its Listing Expires

Pricing a home for a maximum price without scaring off potential buyers is not easy. Property prices depend on multiple factors, including:

  • The local property market
  • The economy
  • The size of the house
  • The age and condition of the property
  • The neighborhood

Price your home incorrectly, and its listing is likely to expire before someone buys the house. Many people realize their mistakes and take their properties off the market, reevaluate the pricing, and relist the properties.

Its Owners Experience a Major Life Change

Major life changes motivate many people to sell their homes. For example, someone may decide to sell their home:

  • If they divorce and want to divide the sale proceeds
  • If they get married and want a bigger place
  • If their children move out of the house and they want a smaller place
  • If they find a better job and want a better home

All of these are major life changes. Therefore, a homeowner who has recently experienced a major life change could put up their home for sale.

Its Owners Hold a Moving Sale

Moving is costly, especially if you have multiple or heavy items. Many people solve the problem by selling some of their possessions before relocation. Therefore, you should suspect an impending home sale if the household members hold a moving sale or a big yard sale.

Contact a realtor to learn more.