Family vacation homes can range from modest cabins in the mountains to elaborate homes and condos complete with stunning ocean views. In many cases, vacation homes are only used by the property owners and their family members and friends a few weeks per year and then sit vacant and unattended until the next year. 

While owners of pricey vacation homes may already enlist professional management services to assist them with overseeing these properties, those who own more modestly priced properties may feel the cost is not justified. If you own a vacation home that is not currently being managed by a professional vacation property management service, here are three sound reasons why you might want to reconsider your decision. 

Criminal activity

Vacation properties, especially those located in a secluded setting, often attract the interest of thieves and vandals. If these criminals reside near the location, they may have a good idea of when your family is likely to be occupying the property and when it is likely to be vacant. This familiarity with the homeowner's habits allows those with nefarious intent to be successful in burglarizing or vandalizing the home with less risk of being seen or caught. 

Vacation property owners can reduce their exposure to this type of problem by investing in professional property management that includes regular visits to the property for the purpose of checking the condition of the home and other structures. In addition to criminal activity, unoccupied vacation homes can also attract the interest of squatters who leave the home damaged or dirty. 

Repair issues

Another good reason to invest in professional property management is to help minimize repair issues and ensure any necessary maintenance work is scheduled and completed. Properties that are vacant for long periods with little oversight are more susceptible to potentially expensive repair issues, such as unpredictable damage from storms, wildfire, floods, or snow load.

Unoccupied properties can also suffer serious interior damage in cold climates if plumbing pipes should freeze due to a furnace failure. While heating failures can occur suddenly, properties that are inspected on a regular schedule are likely to receive less damage than those that have no management plan in place. 

Income potential 

Another excellent reason to consider professional management for a vacation property is to realize potential income. Many vacation homeowners profit from renting their properties by the day, week, or month during the periods in which it would normally be vacant. Vacation homeowners who would like to offer it better protection or discuss its income potential should contact a reputable vacation property management service for more information.