Buying a new construction home from a home builder has a lot of benefits. You will be the first one to ever live in the home, the home can be customized to your preferences, and everything from the roof to the appliances will be brand new. Buying a new construction home is a bit different from buying an older home and there are some things to look out for. Here are three tips for working with a home builder:

New Homes Come With Varying Degrees of Customization

One thing many buyers don't realize is that new homes can be totally custom-built, partly custom-built, or not custom-built at all. If you choose to buy a new construction home that has already been built, you will buy the home as-is. If the home isn't built yet, your builder will give you options for customization, including wall colors, kitchen layout, fixtures, closet size, and more.

In many cases, custom features add to the cost of your home, so you will likely need to prioritize the customizations you really care about. For example, you may want to spend part of your home budget on walk-in closets, while opting for more basic light fixtures.

Work With a Local Real Estate Agent

Buying a new construction home means you don't have to work with a real estate agent, but it's still a good idea. They can go with you to visit the builder and will know what questions to ask. They will also act as your advocate during the entire buying process, including potentially negotiating on features or costs. An experienced local agent will also have a lot of working knowledge of new home builders in your area.

You Still Need a Home Inspection

Even though your home will be newly built, you will still need to have a home inspection before buying your home. A home inspector will be able to determine if anything has been installed incorrectly and will make sure everything in the home is functioning perfectly before you sign the contract. If anything pops up during the home inspection, your builder will then have a chance to have it fixed before you officially buy the home.

If buying from a new home builder sounds good to you, the first step is to contact a real estate agent who has existing relationships with new home builders in your area. They will help guide the process from start to finish.