With many areas of the country experiencing lower than normal listing inventories and the continued availability of low-interest home mortgages, now is a great time to list your home for sale. While this type of selling climate has many benefits, the process of selling can still be improved by working with a great listing agent. 

If you are currently preparing your home for sale and wondering how you can benefit from listing your home with an agent, instead of taking a for-sale-by-owner approach, here are five things you should know. 

Preparation advice

The first benefit of hiring a successful, hardworking listing agent is to take advantage of their knowledge of the local marketplace and its qualified buyers. This knowledge will allow your agent to offer good advice on cleaning, staging, and making repairs and renovations to make sure your home is ready to attract motivated, well-qualified buyers. 

Proven marketing expertise

Once your home is listed, your agent's marketing expertise becomes invaluable. Agents of this caliber are more likely to use a proven marketing plan that ensures your home is featured on hundreds of databases where active homebuyers search daily. In addition, they will use a well-rounded approach, including marketing via print, web, and networking with other agents to help you get the best purchase offers. 

Predictable pricing 

Pricing a home correctly is a difficult task for homeowners. Sentimental feelings and a lack of accurate sales data can lead to pricing too high or too low for the local market conditions. Pricing mistakes often lead to longer listing times, too few showings or low-ball offers from lackluster buyers, all of which can be avoided by seeking pricing advice from a successful listing agent. 

Positive negotiation strategy

Sellers who attempt to sell their own home without the assistance of a listing agent often experience frustration during the process of negotiating the purchase contract. Savvy buyers may feel that they can pressure sellers into agreeing to substantial price reductions or unreasonable concessions. When the sellers have the support and guidance of an experienced listing agent, problems that arise during the negotiation process are apt to be more easily resolved. 

Proactive closing management

Another benefit that sellers reap by hiring the right listing agent is the reassurance that their closing will be managed correctly throughout the process. Seasoned listing agents make sure that documents are submitted on time, inspections are scheduled correctly and contract changes are negotiated expediently so that their clients can close the sale and get their proceeds as quickly as possible.  

Homeowners who still question their need for professional assistance for the sale of their home can get the answers they need by making an appointment to speak with a professional home seller.