Often, people find a real estate agent by chance: they want to buy a home and contact the real estate agent listing the property and that person becomes their agent. Or, they go to list a home for sale on their own and they get connected with a real estate agent via an online search, friend recommendation, or other means.

However you came across your real estate agent, the way you can make your experience even more rewarding is by being fully engaged in the process. Your real estate agent is there to help you, not do all the work for you, although they are happy to do the latter if they must. It's much more successful for you and your real estate agent alike if you do the following things, however, to make the most of your experience overall.

Look at listings and send them to your realtor

While you can just shoot off a budget and a list of things you want in a property and let your real estate agent do the rest, this isn't really the best option for you when looking for real estate. Look at listings of homes and land and send the ones you're interested in to your real estate agent.

There are two reasons to do this. First, you may find something on the market that goes outside your normal criteria and your real estate agent might miss it. Secondly, it gives your realtor an idea of what you want in a home beyond the basic list you gave them because your needs and desires will likely change a bit as you search for property. Your small effort in helping your real estate agent understand what you want in a home can lead to great success.

Drive by homes before you go looking at them

It's wise to drive by the properties and land you're interested in before you schedule an appointment to view them with your real estate agent. Why? Because a home might look great in a listing but be smaller or too out of your desired location in real life. Or, you might drive by a home that looks modest and plain in its original listing but is quite charming in person. When you drive by a property before having your real estate agent take you to it, you can end up saving the both of you lots of time in not wasting appointments on homes that aren't quite what they seem.

You can make your experience with your real estate agent even better. Use this guide to help you with a current agent, or a realtor you choose in the future.  

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