House hunting is never easy, and there are always tens of things you need to look for and consider. However, those things tend to be quite different when you're looking for a house to use as a rental, versus looking for one to live in yourself. What qualities, amenities, and features should be your focus when looking for a house you'll use as a rental? Take a look.

Space for two vehicles

It's common for renters to live with roommates. And even if you rent to a family, there is a good chance they will have two vehicles. As such, you want to make sure the home you buy has parking space for two vehicles, and even more ideally, that there's room for either car to come out of the driveway first.

Hard flooring

Carpet in rental homes can be tough to maintain. All it takes is one spill, and the carpet can be ruined, and your security deposit is rarely large enough to fully cover the cost of a new carpet. It's best to look for a rental home with hard flooring — in particular, some hard flooring other than wood, since wood is prone to water damage and staining if not cared for precisely.

Newer plumbing

You really don't want to rent out a house with older plumbing. A leak could be a catastrophe since you would have to pay for extensive repairs and also pay for an alternative place for your renters to stay during an extensive water remediation process. Look for a home with newer copper, PVC, or PEX plumbing, rather than one with older galvanized plumbing, which is prone to rust and leaks.

Secure windows

While the windows in your rental home do not need to be brand new and the most energy-efficient on the market, you do want to make sure they are secure. Windows are a common point of break-ins, and your renters will feel more secure with windows that open, close, and lock properly. You can affordably replace one or two window that are not secure, but if you buy a home with insecure windows all around, replacing them will be quite expensive and probably not worth it.

Shop carefully when looking for homes for sale to use as a rental. If you are able to find a space with secure windows, newer plumbing, hard flooring, and space for two vehicles, then you are on the right track.