When you find a home that's on the market that you really want, there are some things that you can do that will help ensure that you are the one that gets it. Consider following at least some of the tips here to buy the house:

Make an offer as soon as possible

As soon as you know that you want a house that you have viewed, you want to let your real estate agent know to put in an offer for you. If you get your offer to the seller and they accept it quickly, then you will be in escrow with the house and won't have to worry about someone else putting in an offer and ending up with the house that you so badly wanted to have as your own.

Don't mess around with a smaller offer if you are serious

If you are very determined to end up in that house, then you want to offer the sellers the price that they are asking for if it's possible. If you simply aren't able to give them what they are asking, then at least come as close to it as possible. Depending on the market, how long the house has been up for sale and how much interest has or has not been shown in the house they may take a smaller offer.

Agree with any contingencies they would like

You should also consider agreeing to any contingencies you can that the sellers are requesting if you really want them to accept your offer. For example, if they are asking for a longer escrow, for the ability to remain in the house until they are able to secure another one or anything else; agreeing to what they are asking for will give them another reason to seriously consider your offer.

Writing a nice letter can help when offering them less than the asking price

You may not think a simple letter can help, but in some cases, it really may. Therefore, if you have found yourself in the position of really wanting a house that's just slightly out of your price range, go ahead and have your agent put through an offer that you can afford. However, have them also give the seller a letter you have written yourself explaining the reason for the smaller offer.

Sometimes, being humble and letting them know the reasons behind your actions can be all it takes for them to accept a smaller offer out of the goodness of their heart, if they are in the position of being able to do so.