If you are renting a house and you have decided that you have now come to a point in your life where you are ready to look for homes for sale, then you may want to consider buying the house you are already living in. That is, if you like the house that you are renting and you find that it has the things you would want in a home you own. Here are some things that you should know if you are a renter who has decided to buy a house and may be considering the one you rent:

You can ask the owner if they would consider a rent to own situation

If you are still in a position where you aren't sure that you are going to look credit worthy to a lender, then you may want to ask the owner how they would feel about going with a rent to own situation. This allows you to pay a bit more to them with the increase being put toward the price of the house.

You can skip the frustrating house shopping ordeal

You can forget needing to drive around town from house to house walking through each one looking for things you like and things that may be a problem for your household. You have already been residing in your current rental, so you know there will be no little surprises that will pop up shortly after you own the house. You'll already know how well it suits you and that it fits your family and its needs well.

You won't have to pack, move and risk breaking and losing some of your items

One of the things most people get the most anxious about when it comes to moving is actually packing all of their belongings and moving them to the new house. This is both mentally and physically exhausting. Plus, when you pack your things up and move them it seems that something is almost always broken or lost in the process. When you buy the house you already live in, there won't be any of this to deal with and this is a huge bonus.

You will be familiar with the neighborhood

Staying in the same house means keeping your same neighbors. If you've made friendships with some of them, you won't have to worry about moving away from them and taking on the risk of ending up with neighbors that cause problems. You'll also already be familiar with your favorite shopping places and restaurants that are nearby.