When you first consider selling your home, you may have many questions and concerns. House buying tools are plentiful, but few will serve buyers as well as knowing what they want. As you try to figure out what that is, you are sure to have even more concerns as you continue through the process. Your real estate agent should be able to answer and address them as they pop up.

One thing that many home sellers struggle with is whether they should fix up a home that needs some work or hope to sell it "as is." No matter what you decide about the major aspects of your home that need fixing, try to fix these things before placing your home for sale.

Fix This: Cracks in Walls or Floors

If your floor tile has even a single crack in it, potential home buyers may misinterpret that as a sign of a serious structural problem, or they may see it as a sign that you don't keep up the house. Just one crack can scare off home buyers, so be sure to fix cracks in the floors and walls. There are plenty of low-cost options for tiles, so you don't have to spend a fortune to fix the cracks.

Fix This: Aesthetic Issues with the Home's Exterior

Curb appeal plays an extremely important role in the sale of your home. In fact, research that was done at Texas Tech University found that curb appeal can increase the value of your home by as much as 17 percent. It's also the first thing a home buyer will see about your house, and first impressions are often the strongest. Make sure to paint your home if it needs it. Have all junk removed from the yard and work on the landscaping if necessary.

Fix This: Bathroom Problems of All Kinds

Sure, you expect home buyers to linger in the kitchen and assess the size of your bedrooms, but many home sellers don't realize that buyers typically look the bathroom over very carefully. A buyer may try to find out how well you take care of your home by the condition of the bathroom, and a dirty bathroom can leave the impression that you neglect the house.

Finally, keep in mind that you don't have to fix everything about your house before putting it up for sale, but it's important to fix the important things. If you simply place your home for sale without first fixing problems that would repel home buyers, it may ultimately cost you a lot of time and money. When in doubt, talk to your real estate agent about which things you should fix to help your unique home shine. Contact a company like Burlington Camden County Association Of Realtors to get started.