If your mattress got wet from clean liquids or water, it is possible to salvage it, but  it should be cleaned right away to prevent mold growth. Mold grows in damp environments, and it can also be a health hazard.

Mattresses that were flooded by contaminated water, such as sewer water, should be discarded, since there may be biochemical hazards present. Here are tips to dry a wet mattress.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:  

  • fan
  • hairdryer
  • absorbent towels or cloths
  • bucket
  • baking soda or kitty litter
  • rubbing alcohol
  • wet/dry vacuum

Locate the source of the flooding or moisture, if the mattress is inside. Check the roof for leaks and the plumbing. Flooding can be caused by broken pipes from upstairs sinks and toilets.

Absorb the Water

Remove bedding from the mattress, and launder them. Use the towel or cloth to absorb as much moisture a possible. Wring the towel or cloth in a bucket to remove the water, and change towels or cloths as needed. 

Follow this up with a hair dryer on the highest setting. Hold the hair dryer several inches away from the wet area, and move it over the mattress fifteen to twenty minutes.

Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress to help absorb more water, and let it sit for twelve hours. You may also use kitty litter. Pour some kitty litter over the wet area, and leave it for an hour or two.

Vacuum the kitty litter or baking soda. Don't use a standard household vacuum to clean wet surfaces, as it is not designed for this. Cleaning water with standard vacuums could damage them. Repeat the process on the other side of the mattress.

If you spot mold or stains, put on plastic gloves. Mix rubbing alcohol in a cup of warm water. Dip a clean cloth in the mixture, wring it, and wipe the mold.

Dry the Mattress

Set the mattress so there's about two feet of space on each side. Aim a fan to blow at both sides, or set a fan to blow directly on each side. Increase air flow by turning on ceiling fans, or opening windows. If it is cool out, use a heater positioned safely away from the mattress.

Alternately, prop the mattress upright in a sunny area outside. Keep in mind the mattress may feel dry on the outside, but it can still be wet on the inside. It is ideal to let it dry a long time to ensure you get rid of the moisture inside..

Dry any moisture you notice right away on a mattress. If you don't trust your skill, or the mattress still hasn't dried, contact a water damage restoration service. 

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