Selling your home is a process that can take just a few days once it is listed. The offers may start coming in immediately or you could end up waiting several months before you receive serious offers. It is easy to get into the mindset that you want to do all sorts of work to the house before putting it up for sale, especially because repairs, changes, or improvements can increase the chance of selling. But you are best off focusing on a task or two before listing to have a better time selling your home the way it is. By hiring house cleaners and coming up with specific tasks, you can easily accomplish this goal.

Appliance Exteriors

While some potential buyers may request to see the inside of appliances, most of them are going to focus on the overall appearance as well as the other features inside the kitchen and laundry room. This means you should give your appliances a deep cleaning that makes them look as close to new as possible. The cracks and crevices in between the handles and dials are things that matter while selling a home. It is easy to gloss over these small details as the homeowner, but a house cleaner will not forget about them.

Interior Walls

The exterior siding is certainly important in regard to cleanliness, but it is the inside of the home where a potential buyer will either decide to put an offer in or walk away and start looking elsewhere. The walls in the home must be spotless in all rooms for people to feel like they are in a well-maintained home. It should be less challenging to make the bathroom and kitchen walls look great as the paint is usually glossy. But, this also works in your favor as these are two of the most analyzed rooms for home buyers.


The flooring sets a tone for what a person is to see as soon as they walk through the door. It is important to focus on the main entrance because this is the last place that you want stains to show up. But you should try to eliminate all stains around the home with a priority on high foot traffic areas. You will also want small scratches to be buffed out or dirty tile grout to be cleaned depending on your flooring type.

A clean home will make it infinitely easier to market to shoppers and impress possible buyers. For more tips, speak with a real estate agent.